How to Craft SEO Strategy Plan for your Website? – Joe Elkind Ft Lauderdale

If you are running an online business or have a business website, you must hear the term SEO. It is the Search engine optimization that is used to drive traffic to your website and help to grow your business. It is an organic way to increase the ranking of your website on search engine result pages. It is possible that many of you are implementing SEO to attract the potential audience but could not succeed. This is because you are lacking somewhere while planning the SEO campaign. Before implementing SEO you should gather deep knowledge about the major steps and the must know’s about the analytics, keyword planner and other tools. If you tend to implement SEO for your website without having the full knowledge of its strategies and tools then it might become very complicated.

SEO Strategy Plan for your WebsiteSEO is divided into three parts -:

  • ON page SEO –

This part of the SEO takes care of the content that is on the web site’s pages and tries to optimize that content. This helps to boost the website ranking for certain keywords.

  • Off-page SEO – 

This subset of SEO aims to create links that direct to the website from elsewhere on the internet. These links are known as backlinks and help your website to build trust in the eyes of search engines.

  • Technical SEO –

Technical SEO is related to the website’s architecture and keeps an eye on the technical specifications of each web page. This is also very important to consider because the search engine keeps concern or relativity with the code of a website as it does with its content.
Now let us move towards the basic building blocks of an SEO strategy plan. Here are some of the major steps suggested by Mr. Joe Elkind Fort Lauderdale which can help your website attain organic traffic. Mr. Joseph B Elkind Ft Lauderdale is a well known digital marketer and provides his services all around the world.

The very first thing you need to do while planning the SEO campaign is to analyze your website using online website analyzing tools.
After analyzing the website you need to correct the errors you found. This can be done by taking the help of a website developer or any other who have deep knowledge of coding and platforms used to build a website.
Next thing is to find the target keywords. This is very essential because the whole SEO plan revolves around the keywords. This can be done by using a variety of keyword planner tools that are available on the internet. But the most trusted and widely used keyword planner tool is Google’s Keyword Planner tool.

  • After finding the keywords you should start working on them.

This can be done by creating backlinks, posting content, infographics, relevant images and videos.


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